Monitorización del cuerpo humano en 3D mediante tecnología Kinect

Published in SAAEI, 2011

Recommended citation: Martínez-Zarzuela, M., Díaz-Pernas, F. J., Tejero-de-Pablos, A., Perozo-Rondón, F., Antón-Rodríguez, M., & González-Ortega, D. (2011). Monitorización del cuerpo humano en 3D mediante tecnología Kinect. SAAEI, 747-752

In computer vision, 3D motion tracking techniques are at their peak, thanks to the emerging technologies that allow capturing depth images. Among these capturing techniques, due to their accessibility and low cost, and for certain applications, Kinect camera stands out. Although it was originally intended to be used in videogames, this camera has proved in a short time to be a great solution to solve PC applications that require tracking the user’s movement. For the different operations involved in this process, a variety of utility libraries are being proposed by an increasingly big community of programmers. This paper offers a review of the world created around Kinect, and provides the guidelines that are necessary to develop motion tracking applications that intend to use this technology.

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